Types of Famous Indian Sarees

5 Types of Famous Indian Sarees Every Women Must Have

We live in a country that is rich in cultures and traditions. No matter what ever be the occasions we celebrate it with great pomp and show. From the land of Himalayas in north to the land of rivers and seas down south, every region and state has something unique to offer be its clothes, rituals, cuisines and so much more.

One thing that binds us all together is our love for sarees. Sarees are something special to all women and they wore it with much pride and is always close to their heart. Love for sarees is so great that women only needs some pretext to buy new sarees. It might be some regional festival, weeding function, party, official get-together or any other occasions our love to buy saree never ends. It holds a special emotional connect will all of us.

1. Taant or Cotton Saree from West Bengal

Taant or Cotton Saree as it is popularly known is a traditional saree from the land of Bengal. It's made of cotton and is the preferred as a daily wear outfit for many in Bengal. It's light, easy to wear, and the thick border and beautiful prints make it a must buy. 

Cotton Saree

2. Kanjivaram Silk from Tamil Nadu

The queen of sarees, Kanjivaram Silk sarees are made from a traditionally woven silk from the region of Kanjivaram. The sarees are rich in colour and texture. They are elegant, refined and graceful, all in one drape. 

Kanjivaram Saree

3. Bandhani from Gujarat

The name of the saree is derived from the word, 'bandhan', which means ties. This refers to the process of tie and dye while making this saree. Bandhani saree is manufactured both in Gujarat and Rajasthan but Gujarat is more popularly known for bandhani sarees. 

Bandani Saree

4. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi sarees from madhya Pradesh are made from Silk, zari and cotton woven together to make a fabric that is lighter than a feather, has a royal sheen and is gorgeous looking. It's one of the best fabrics there is and it's very easy to wear. If you're a fussy saree person, then this will keep your woes away.


5. Mysore Silk from Karnataka

Mysore Silk is famous for its iridescent sheen and its royal lineage. The pure silk coupled with pure gold zari Mysore Silk dares are a must have for every woman. The Mysore Silk sarees is mostly manufactured in Karnataka thus making the state as the largest mulberry silk producer in the country. It has a very rich heritage dated back to the region of Tipu Sultan in 1785 AD.  It uses one of the best fabrics and is very easy to wear.

 Mysore Silk Sareee

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